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Compliance Recruiting

Compliance Recruiting

It is getting harder to find high quality, experienced senior compliance professionals. Whether you are looking to hire a Chief Compliance Officer or fill another senior compliance role, it is a very time-consuming task, and it requires an in-depth understanding of the role.

Comarm’s team of compliance and regulatory experts has over 100 years of combined industry experience, and we are focused exclusively on Compliance recruiting for the Canadian securities industry.

Our Compliance Recruiting services include:

  • Focusing exclusively on compliance and regulatory recruiting for the securities industry
  • Drawing on a comprehensive database of compliance professionals in Canada
  • Leveraging our industry network and knowledge of potential candidates
  • Ensuring each candidate is qualified, accredited, and a potential good fit for your firm before they are presented to you
  • Understanding the unique needs of each client before potential candidates are approached

Comarm’s recruiting rates are very competitive. We can fill positions with great candidates, more quickly than other recruiting firms due to our deep knowledge of this sector.

Let us help you fill those roles today. Email us at